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SPYRO & CYNDER - true feelings

Its began a beautiful at the dragon temple and spyro together with cynder have going to the beach: "i love days like this!" have spyro saying "yeah! i too! but......"
"what?" have spyro asked "i have still the bad felling thats is the dark master free." said cynder "you must not be worried cynder,i protect you." have spyro said
"thanks spyro!" spyro smiles at cynder to cheer up her and she smiles to him back.
they having fun full day at the beach,but at once "attention!!!!!! im falling!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!(splat)ouch!" have somebody falling from the sky "are you okay?" have cynder asked "w8 a sec.......
no nothing im okay!" have saying the man from sky "hi! i am spyro and this is cynder!" "my pleasure! i am sparky!" have saying the man "who have you threw here down?" "i dont know his name,but it was a big black dragon." have sparky responded on cynders question "DARK MASTER!!!!!!!!" "dark......who???" have sparky not understand "ignitus can you better clear up this." have spyro saing "okay!" have sparky said and then have going to the temple.ignitus was worried when have heard from the message about dark master:"well better to tell you about the legend of purple dragon....." "you mean spyro?" have sparky asked
"yeah. i have mean spyro......." say ignitus and then have cleared sparky the things about dark master "this fucking BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" sparky began to be angry when have heard what have dark master doing to cynder.

Later at the night have spyro togrther with cynder talking about him,her and sparky. at morning have sparky talk to the guardians and spyro with cynder are going to a place that have named "grass lake of peace".they having this two landing:"this is the place about have you yesterday saing?" "yeah." figure out spyro "its look lovely! thank you that have you booted me here!" "(blushes) no problem!" a then have he saw that cynder cryes "cynder! why you cry?" have spyro alarmed "its my fault that is the dark master free!" "dont say this! its not you fault that is the dark master free!" says spyro and have embraced her "thanks spyro! you are really friend." says cynder and then have nestle against him. spyro was in the 7 heaven. he doesn't know what he's doing and have cynder kissed on the lips. they have realized this after have breaking the kiss: "s...s...spyro! kissed me!" " i...i sorry cynder.....i ...i only.... i only think that i love you......" says spyro and than have cynder embranced him "i love you too spyro!!!!"
and than have this two lie about the ground of "grass lake of peace"....

Many years later......
....have spyro and cynder laying on the ground of "grass lake of peace" and sleeping,but at once have they awaking a little girl voice: "mommy! daddy!"
cynder have lifted her head and have asked "what is honey?" "shade will tickling me! i hate tickling!" says sakura "oh! you are ticklish?" have spyro asked a began tickling her "aaaaaaaaah!(laughing) no daddy! no please! aaaaaaaah!" have sakura laughing "let her go!" have cynder laughing afternoon have spyro called all his kids: "now kids its time....." "time for what dad?" have al asked "time for your flying practice!" have cynder responded to him "rly?" have syrus asked "yes" have spyro nod "yipie!!!!!!!!!" have violet shouted and than have reddened.spyro and cynder have laughing: "yes! yes!" and than have spyro saying the "secrets of flying".spyro and cynder have watched on their kids like they try to fly.shade was at once in the air: "yipie!!!!! now i can make anything and nobody will me saying what.........ahem.........beyond you mom.....hehe!"
have shade laughing.later goes back to the temple: "hi grandpa!" says kids to ignitus "hi kids!" "ok kids. go to bath and than ins bed!" says cynder and kids have did what have their mother saying "good night!" "good night mom! good night dad! good night grandpa's!" "good night kids!".kids have already sleeping when have cynder thinking on me: "what you thinking? where is sparky?" "i dont know cynder." have spyro responded on cynders question (the dark master have at one day atacked the temple and have there make a portal to other dimension that will used to get spyro away but sparky have jumped in the portal to save spyro). at morning have all go out of the once was there gaul and his ape soldiers: "what will you here gaul?!" "im here to kill you!" but at once have from shadows of forest somebody saying "you muss first go trough me!" and from the forest came out a secret full stranger "who are you?!?!" the person have get down from head his cape......."SPARKY!!!!!!!!!!!" get guardians,spyro and cynder shocked "im back from the dimension of darkness......." says sparky (sparky have looks like before have jumped to the portal....only his skin was dark purple) "......and many have on me changed on name is SHADOW!" (oh noes!!!!:-)says shadow and than have unsheathe his swords and brutaly have killed gaul and his soldiers.shadow have turned to spyro,cynder,guardians and kids
and his skin have changed to normal color: "sparky? is that you?" "yes its again me." nod sparky "oh god! what hapend to you!?" have spyro asked " nothing special....i have only a dark side of me." have sparky responded to him.later at the night have spyro and cynder laying in their bed and spyro says: "thanks god that have sparky emerged there! i cant not envision what i made when you will die!"
"i cant envision too!" have cynder saying and kissed him.

About 1 month......
....was the dark master defeated and spyro and cynder can finally living with their love up to dead.
thanks for picture to darkravenofchaos

spyro,cynder,guardians,gaul and dark master belongs to krome studios¨

shade,syrus,al,sakura and violet belongs to darkthief2008

sparky and shadow belongs to me

sorry that bad language im from czech republic and my english is not very good
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stargazerdragon Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011
Uhhhhhhh why did you have broken english?
85moon Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2011  Student Artist
its really good
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A little hard to read, but I can understand it! =)

pokecrisis234 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2007
what's with the weird language?
sparky221 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2007
im from czech republic and my english is not very good :)
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